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Oversize freight shipping via Gelder Logistics

Gelder Logistics is the ideal partner for transportation of oversized freight. Oversized freight or oversize cargo is freight with, for example, a girth of more than 3 meters. We organize the transport of oversized freight via various carriers from our network, which are equipped for the transport of oversize cargo. Oversized freight is generally not transported via regular transport from PostNL, DHL or UPS. These packages can be booked via the Gelder MPD portal. For oversize freight shipping, our carriers offer options via road transport and air transport.

Reliable carriers for oversize cargo shipping

For the transport of all your packages with non-standard dimensions and weights, Gelder Logistics offers the best option for you. Thanks to our extensive network of reliable carriers, there is always an ideal solution for your transport. Whether it is express transport or regular transport, groupage, FTL or LTL: you report your shipment in our system and we will ensure that it is picked up the same or the following day.

Oversize freight shipping

  • Express transport or regular transport
  • Groupage, FTL and LTL
  • Complete administrative processing taken care of for you

Gelder Logistics organizes oversize cargo shipping worldwide. One of the big advantages of using the transport broker is that you always benefit from competitive rates, as we centrally purchase. We also take care of you completely, so you don’t have to worry about possible connections on the transport route and administrative processing such as customs documents and permits.


FTL stands for Full Truckload. This means that a truck is fully loaded with goods from one sender, in contrast to LTL (Less than Truckload). In LTL, goods from multiple senders are transported together and the senders pay for the space their goods occupy in the truck. LTL is therefore a financially favorable way of transporting goods. FTL is often used for large shipments such as machinery, construction materials, and bulk goods, and has the advantage of being able to keep delivery times to a minimum.

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Pallet transport

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Express transport or regular transport
  • Groupage shipments, FTL or LTL

Parcel shipping

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Express or regular shipping
  • Shipping via PostNL, DHL, UPS, or DPD

Warehousing & fulfillment

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