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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of the transport broker

Gelder Logistics Terms and Conditions
Gelder Logistics provides smart logistics solutions. We are a committed partner who always looks for the best solution for your transport. Speed? We look for the fastest solution. Less haste but would like to be as cheap as possible? There is always room for your shipment within our extensive network. Need extensive paperwork? We will arrange it for you. Because we want to provide you with maximum peace of mind, we have also kept our terms and conditions short and clear. You will find them on this page, with a link to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions by trade organization FENEX.

Insure shipment
We are proud to offer our customers additional insurance. Why we do that? We would like to explain that.

Firstly, Gelder Logistics offers standard transport insurance for all your shipments. This insurance is often based on the CMR or AVC conditions. Under these conditions, your compensation in the event of loss or damage will be reimbursed based on the gross weight.

It is also possible to insure your shipment additionally at Gelder Logistics. It is quite unique for a logistics broker to be able to offer this. Would you like to know what the costs of additional insurance are or how to set additional insurance for your transports as standard? Please contact us.

Waiting charges
Our network partners always ensure delivery of your shipment on the scheduled day. Time intervals have been set for loading and unloading, depending on the size of shipments. By default we charge:

< 3 LDM – Maximum 20 minutes per unloading address.
< 6 LDM – Maximum 60 minutes per unloading address.
< FTL – Maximum 120 minutes per unloading address.

Sometimes loading or unloading takes more time than previously calculated. If loading takes longer than the above time intervals, we will charge waiting costs. The waiting costs are €18.75 per 15 minutes. If unloading is not successful on the planned day, the total waiting costs may deviate from the above rate per quarter of an hour.

Error freight
In the event of cancellation of a booked shipment (freight error), we charge a percentage of 70 to 100% of the total costs. This percentage depends on the carrier. After a cancellation, you will hear from a Gelder Logistics employee what rate the scheduled carrier applies.

Dutch Forwarding Conditions
The Dutch Forwarding Conditions apply to all our activities, including the arbitration clause, filed by FENEX at the registry(s) of the District Court(s) in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, latest version. Dutch law is applicable. Claims that Gelder Logistics may have under art. 23 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions will be settled exclusively by the Dutch court competent in the place of business of Gelder Logistics. The conditions have been provided to you prior to or upon conclusion of the agreement and will be sent free of charge upon request. You can find these terms and conditionsread and download here.

A few points of explanation on the above
– FENEX is the trade organization for freight forwarders.
– Our work consists of concluding transport agreements for you. That is why we are called a forwarder in the Civil Code. We do not transport ourselves.
– The conditions that apply to our services are the conditions you will find on this page and the FENEX Conditions.
– If a difference of opinion unexpectedly arises, we will try to find a solution through good consultation. If this is not possible, a Dutch court will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear the dispute.

Relieving our customers of their worries also means that we do not want to burden you with all the rules and conditions that we have to deal with. Furthermore, many carriers also use their own general terms and conditions, which we cannot ignore. Moreover, all the rules, exceptions and details do not fit on one page. We hope that you have more clarity about our working method. To ask? Feel free to call. Or come by and we’ll have a cup of coffee.